13.5.2022, 18:00
Veranstaltung, Künstlerhaus, Factory



ROTOR ist eine von Michael Fischer kuratierte Veranstaltungsreihe zu Experiment, Diskurs und Intermedialität ausgehend vom weit gefassten Topos Klang als ephemere, skulpturale Metapher - dessen Repräsentanzen und diskursive Optionen.

Diese Ausgabe von ROTOR präsentiert

Afghanistan Mon Amour was founded in August 2021 by Brii Bauer aka Power (synthesizer, theremin, voice, cut up loops & electronics) and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (accidental guitar, voice, cut up loops, & electronics). AMA is recognized for their live performances & recordings where they communicate in a language of a spiritual growth and connection. The sounds that they create take the audience in different realms of dimensions, which challenges the participants and go deep under their skin. Since the founding of AMA the project has released three live albums, two conceptual albums & a remix compilation album, AMA has recently collaborated with the renowned artist Käthe Kruse (Die Tödliche Doris) who provided poetry & voice to a album release of majestic sonic discoveries baked & booked in three chapters.
Afghanistan Mon Amour & tin.hoc aka Tina Hochkogler. The video sequences, a flood of individual images and settings of which the eye cannot capture, create an involuntary visual order and do not stop flowing. The tribal pictures seem to be whipped forward by the music. The audience is overwhelmed by many impressions at the same time and taken on a memorable journey.
Video of "Afghanistan Mon Amour/ Call us what we carry" taken from the collaborative album release "her heart as a souvenir" by Käthe Kruse (Die Tödliche Doris) & Afghanistan Mon Amour - produced by the visual artist tin.hoc.
Afghanistan Mon Amour on Social Media:

NEON ist ein installatives live-setting des bildenden Künstlers und Soundperformers Albert Mayr und des musician-composers Michael Fischer. Eine Referenz an die seit den '60er Jahren zahlreichen Arbeiten, in denen Künstler*innen das Material Neon-Röhre in neue Kontexte gestellt haben. Klang und Licht, als Kulturleistung urbaner Gesellschaften verstanden, sind hier in einer gehackten Anordnung als "Neonröhren-Musik" zu erleben und schaffen so eine inter-mediale Architektur, die neue Interpretationsräume erfahrbar macht.


No Viennese Underground without Power - the busy long-time activist of the local subculture, Brii Bauer. For more than thirty years, the musician, curator, DJ and former music journalist has been a co-founder of and often the heart behind numerous formations. Known from notorious DJ collectives (Pussy Trio, Love is Strange, Arsyugoslaviae, Membrane) and bands such as S.E.P., Ausländer and Bird People. Together with Jeschka Oszilat they are the musician doublet Fatalismus Spunk, which has collaborated for releases with Gran Bankrott, Dita Mattersorfer and Gee Aitch. Their track "mouse" was published on Vinylograph as a soundpostcard in 2020, available with the AUZine, a publication about the viennese underground scene where Brii Bauer co-worked.
Power moves between timeless, danceable genre intersections and improvised live sounds. For some time she has been working on a CutUp Loops series. Brion Gysin discovered the cutting technique by chance in 1959 and pointed it out to William S. Burroughs, who was to become the most important exponent of CutUp. Power transfers the system from the word to the sound. For this purpose, loops are layered according to the cut-up technique, their speed changed and rearranged. Torn out of their context and edited beyond recognition, they yield themselves again and overhaul to a different whole that follows its own story. Power creates spherical tones on her self-made theremin.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is a musician, composer, producer, conductor, poet, model, & label owner. The prolific artist who has been a part of the Berlin underground scene since the early 80’s is well known for his use and invention of the 'accidental guitar method' Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt has had intensive collaborations with members of (Test Dept.) Toby Lee Burdon and Paul Hines in seperate musical projects based in Berlin, SDMC is also writer and composer of the experimantal "Drone Drama (Music For The Dead)", which has been put to film by the Californian visual artist Cecilia Chapman, a collaborative project of soundscapes & visual storytelling. The film "Drone Drame (Music for the Dead)" has been presented in multiple film festivals around the world.
SDMC is Artistic Director of the music labels Hortus Conclusus Records, Friends of Sagittarius Records and Friends of Sagittarius Festival as well as Artistiv Director and curator of Magic Mitte Cinema. The artist has published over 500 albums, collaborations and compilations. He performs and publishes under the names MoreBlackThanGod, Drone Messiah, The S&M Trio, The S&M Accidental Orchestra, The Return of The Think Thing, Tradishion, Hildeguard, Hortus Conclusus Live, PNYX, Mc Plane of Existence, Black Unicorn, Snow White, and Afghanistan Mon Amour.
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is also developer of the Accidental Guitar Method, a holistic well-founded concept that compromises three main aspects: First, the creation of sounds and worlds of sound by combining the guitat with disortion effects. Second, impprovisation - Cooper MArquardt systematically rejects given choreographies and all forms of rehearsals or planning (this applies not only to live performances, but also to recordings in his studio). Finally, the third dimension is the specific situation that the musician encounters while playing: the atmosphere and the setting, the people, conditions and moods in the respective room lead to a contextualization of his music. SDCM has performed in various avant-garde & experimental festivals in Europe & USA.

In August 2021 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and Power founded (Afghanistan Mon Amour) a avant-garde experimental music duo of visionary magnitude.

Tina Hochkogler aka tin.hoc´s art emerges from a layering of temporal and spatial processes that involve various media. Materials, images and concepts are transformed into objects or visual sequences. They serve as perceptual stepping-stones in ever-shifting landscapes of personal adaptation, which can never achieve perfection or completion, only uniqueness and diversity. Tina Hochkogler has exhibited and screenings at Nuit Blanche: Brussels; Refuse The Shadow Exhibition: Hongkong; Reheat Festival: Nicklsdorf; AustrianSinoArtsProgramm: Chongquing, Beijing; ASIFA One Day Animation Festival: Vienna; Hanoi Soundstuff Festival; Tindirindis International Animated Film: Vilnius; Split Film Festival; L‘ASSOCIATION SILHOUETTE Festival: Paris; Cut and Splice/Dots and Lines: Edinburgh; Abstraction Now: Künstlerhaus Wien; Underground Film Festival: Chicago, etc.

Der Ansatz des in Österreich lebenden Albert Mayr lässt sich treffend als erweiterte Skulptur beschreiben, als Artikulation des Künstlers in Raum, Materie und Form. Sein künstlerisches Alter Ego jonnyhawaii überschreitet mühelos die Grenzen zwischen Rauminstallation und Klang.
Seine Arbeiten wurden unter anderem im Museum Ostwall (Dortmund), Muhka Antwerpen, De Nor (Antwerpen), Liste Basel, Art Cologne, Künstlerhaus Graz, KUNST HAUS WIEN, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Parnassos Athen, State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, KIT Düsseldorf und im Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv gezeigt. Seine Klangarbeiten wurden bei Ultra Eczema und Quality Music veröffentlicht.

Michael Fischer, musician-composer, arbeitet an der Sprachimmanenz von Klängen, ihrer skulpturalen und dramatischen Evidenz, im Bereich der improvisierten/experimentellen Musik. Seit 1999 integriert er das akustische Phänomen Feedback in seine Arbeit, und entwickelte das ausschließlich analoge, nicht-effektbasierte Instrument feedback-saxophone. 2004 gründete er das Vienna Improvisers Orchestra und arbeitet seither als instant composition conductor mit internationalen Improvisationsorchestern, temporären Großensembles. Seit Ende der '90er Jahre zahlreiche auch intermediale Projekte in Europa, Kanada, USA, Libanon und Japan. Gastvorlesungen an der University of California/Irvine, The Johns Hopkins University Maryland, Newcastle University GB, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Hochschule für Architektur Vaduz, u.a.

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