7.8.2020, 20:00
Veranstaltung, Factory


#2 of a series by ><((*> r

Anmeldung erforderlich bis Donnerstag, 6. August 2020, unter kunstvermittlung@k-haus.at

Following a very successful first round of the series, ROTOR invites Ausländer for a concert at the Künstlerhaus' factory.

Ausländer will perform following the concept by Marko Markovic and Mikal Maldoror and will host the guest narrator Kristin Gruber. With the music performance and anarchist philosophy facilitated through the spoken word, Ausländer will perform a song premier: Europe Memento Mori.

Vocal: Marko Markovic
Vocal: Kristin Gruber
Vocal: Ene Si
Synth: Nenad Stankov
Drums: Mikal Maldoror

Ausländer evolved into a model of a social activity among people with the same or similar undestanding regarding society and music as a tool of communication, rather than following a typical musician/band format.
The Ausländer uphold the idea of collective based on philosophy of anarchism as mutualism and the principle of associated communal work, distribution of activities, the examination of power positions, decision making, exchange of skills, experience and knowledge. 
As such, Ausländer expression comes in the fields of music, poetry,theory, film, performance, and social engagement. 
It deals with the language and linguistic interpretation used as a means of communication and interaction. Engagement is also triggered by activism derived from underground information channels and directed towards the public. 
Ausländer (a stranger, a sojourner) is a term used as a deceitful and vulgar term for a person who is not desirable and does not belong to a particular country or nation in which she or he is residing. 
According to such connotations, the project have gathered up people from all around the world who confront such hate speech by supporting humanistic values of mutualism, libertarianism, equality among people and social justice.  
That is exactly why we use the phrase Ausländer, the synonym with a 
negative connotation, which we conceptually interpret, transformed as a positive, creative and expropriated explanation. 
With introduction manifest statement, we position ourselves towards 
present political circumstances that we are confronting, questioning class positions and power relations as citizens that are influenced by the state laws.  
We are questioning equality among people within state normative that 
mercilessly marginalize and creates invisible - unsuitable people. 
The society is divided into privileged and non-privileged, rich and poor. 
Vienna is rated as one of the most comfortable cities to live in Europe.  
The real question is - for whom is this the most comfortable city to live?  
Ausländer was founded in May 2018 in Vienna and till now have gathered people from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Syria, Slovenia, UK, USA, Colombia and settlers from Austria who consider themselves as outsiders in their own country. 
Alongside the constant formation, there are collaborators and people who participate in activities in order to construct or deconstruct within the creative process. 
Ausländer is recognized on the alternative scene as unusual music, which follows in high-energized punk, electro, noise, drone, and experimental genre with abstract vocals and dark performance appearance. The idea of Ausländer considers unity of different entities not only humans than various species in rethinking the future as well being for all.  

The factory is the new lab/discourse space of the Künstlerhaus association, opened end of May 2020.
doors: 7pm
lift-off: 7:30pm
boarding cards: free
no bar and food available

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