3. - 6.6.2022
Ausstellung, Künstlerhaus, Factory

From there through here

Encounters reveal themselves in the field of tension between individuality and group, art and science. Here, encounters are not just bound to this exhibition but emerge FROM THERE TROUGH HERE. The projects have been, are, and will go on, through some-bodies, some-time, something, somehow.

We, students from the Department of Art & Science at Die Angewandte, are presenting our practices under the framework of Radical Matter*, a collaboration with the Royal College of Arts, London.

Radical Matter is a method that seeks to challenge the deep-seated dichotomies that have entered the world through the Enlightenment and calls for non-linear ways of knowing. We engage in a pluralistic approach through which entanglements drive our artistic research.

The works formed and reformed while we got to know each other this year, influencing the flow of our ongoing creative processes.
This exhibition is a performative work in itself that challenges representationalism and stresses the importance of doing. Browsing through matters of response-ability, sensory poetics, ecologies, [bodily] interferences, boundaries, care and vulnerability, we are aiming for joint, but in itself very different ways of storytelling.

This exhibition needs to be played out, performed and let loose, enabling future encounters. We invite visitors to take part in the workshops, performances and accompanying events.

* Radical Matter is a PEEK project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)


Artists: Charlotte Bastam, Barbara Böröcz, Sabrina Bühn, Lucie Belle Blanche David, Eugénie Desmedt, Francesco Dipierro, Hanin Eisa, Carmen Pamina Farr, Maximilian Gallo, Els van Houtert, Ou Jiun-You, Karl Kaisel, Chloë Lalonde, Martina Moro, Ivonne Gracia Murillo, Lindsey Nicholson, Veronika Nogellova, İstem Özen, Dunia Sahir, Marthin Rozo, Sophie Olivia Taleja Schmidt, Claus Schönig Lam Yong, Xavi Sosa, Malashree Suvedi, Márton Zalka

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